TBN was created in 2006 by a group of young and dynamic guys, willing to show how was the nightlife in Tirana in these years.

But now time has changed and we changed too, we are more mature and savy (hopefully) and we decided to renew this old project bringing life to it, again.

Now Tirana By Night is focused to become the most complete and interactive city guide of the Albania’s capital, full interesting places, reviews of restaurants and more.

To be listed in the new TBN one thing is absolutelty required, to be open in the late evening or preferably all night long!

We will be happy to list and feature not only bars, fast foods or discos but even libraries and art galleries, for example, if they’re open at least till 22 o’clock.

Tirana by Night is the new and most accurate cityguide of Tirana, entirely browsable using the google map in homepage, you can discover the beauties and interesting places to visit zone by zone.

By night, of course.


And now…. some flashes from the past years of TBN!